Question: What Is 12th Schedule Of Indian Constitution?

What are the 12 Schedule of Indian Constitution?

List of 12 Schedules Indian Constitution

Eight Schedule – [Articles 344(1) and 351]List of recognised languages
Ninth Schedule – (Article 31B)Validation of certain Acts and Regulations
Tenth Schedule – [Articles 102(2) and 191(2)]Provisions as to disqualification on ground of defection

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What is twelfth schedule?

The act aims at the revitalizing and strengthening the urban governments so that they can function effectively as units of local government. Twelfth Schedule was added by the 74th Amendment Act of 1992.Twelfth Schedule of the Indian constitution contains the powers, authority and responsibilities of Municipalities.

What is 11th and 12th Schedule of Indian Constitution?

The 11th Schedule of Indian Constitution was added in 1992 by the 73rd Constitution Amendment Act. This schedule contains 29 subjects. This schedule covers important topics such as Panchayat’s powers, rural development, poverty alleviation, market, roads and drinking water etc.

Why was 11th and 12th schedule added to Constitution?

The 11′th & 12′th schedules in the Indian Constitution were added by 73′rd and 74′th Constitutional Amendments and they are related to Rural Local Self Government and Urban Local Self Government respectively. The key motive behind this addition was Democratic Decentralisation.