How Do You Cure Low Sperm Count?

Treatments for low sperm count include:

  • Surgery. For example, a varicocele can often be surgically corrected or an obstructed vas deferens can be repaired.
  • Treating infections.
  • Treatments for sexual intercourse problems.
  • Hormone treatments and medications.
  • Assisted reproductive technology (ART).

How can I increase my sperm count naturally?

Natural ways to increase sperm count include:

  1. Exercise and sleep.
  2. Reduce stress.
  3. Stop smoking.
  4. Avoid excessive alcohol use and drugs.
  5. Avoid several prescription medications.
  6. Fenugreek supplement.
  7. Get enough vitamin D and calcium.
  8. Ashwagandha.

Can a man with zero sperm count get a woman pregnant?

Yes. Men with no sperm in their ejaculate who likely have a problem with sperm production, can achieve pregnancy.

What causes low sperm count?

Health, lifestyle and other causes

Other causes of low sperm count include: Drug use. Anabolic steroids taken to stimulate muscle strength and growth can cause the testicles to shrink and sperm production to decrease. Use of cocaine or marijuana might reduce the number and quality of your sperm as well.

What causes male infertility?

Causes of male infertility

These may include: Abnormal sperm production or function due to undescended testicles, genetic defects, health problems such as diabetes, or infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps or HIV. Enlarged veins in the testes (varicocele) also can affect the quality of sperm.